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    Why Study Human Resources Management?
    Businesses need people-and the better the people, the better the
    business. Human Resources Management (HRM) focuses on all
    aspects of people management and the study of Human
    Resources Management aims to illuminate the process of
    selecting and managing the people who make businesses work.
    You will learn why people act the way they do, and how to best
    utilize natural human behavior among other things.

    What Is a Human Resource?
    A human resource is a person or employee who staffs and
    operates a function within your organization.

    What Is Human Resources?
    Human resources are the people that staff and operate an
    organization. Read the definition of Human Resources.

    What Is Human Resource Management?
    Human Resource Management is the function within an
    organization that focuses on recruitment, management, and the
    direction of the people in the organization.
    (Human Resources management is also performed by line

    What Is the Human Resource Department?
    Departments are the entity organizations form to organize people,
    reporting relationships, and work in a way that best supports the
    accomplishment of the organization's goals. Departments are
    usually organized by functions such as human resources,
    marketing, administration, and sales. But, a department can be
    organized in any way that makes sense for the customer.

    What Is Human Resource Development (HRD)?
    Human Resource Development is the framework for helping
    employees develop their personal and organizational skills,
    knowledge, and abilities. Human Resource Development includes
    such opportunities as employee training, employee career
    development, performance management and development,
    coaching, succession planning, key employee identification, and
    organization development.
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